Social media users are growing significantly year by year. It started with Facebook, and now Facebook has 1.15 Billion plus users around the world. In Indonesia, Facebook has 64 million plus active users. This gives good opportunity for brands to create more direct engagements or interactions with their customers. We can develop a creative campaign on your page to create interaction about their feelings when using your products or services. By this approach you can get direct feedback to help your company to improve or to promote your new products or services.

Twitter is the second most popular social media platforms in Indonesia, it has over 500 Million users around the world with 29 million plus active users in Indonesia. Twitter, in Indonesia, is used to talk about politics, hot issues, personal thoughts and selling products or servicesc. Using Twitter as your promotion media is a one smart way to reach your potential market.









*Source : The Jakarta Post 2014, , Digital Insight


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Creative ApproachFound Brand Experience

Creative ApproachThe Loyal Customers

Social Media Activation is a series of daily activities that aims to bring your experience into your target audiences,  and bring them to enter your experiences. By bringing them to your experiences, we can understand about their feelings while using our products or services.

We come with creative approach, integration and activation in social communities, maintain communications with customers and users, and all of those services are reported weekly in our monitoring report. With all those activities we believe that your brands can get closer to your target audiences and understand their needs.


Along with the growth and rapid technological advances, today almost everybody has an account at social media. Social Media accounts can be used not only for personal purposes, but also to build community, promote and sell products / services they produce, to add more fans, followers, liker's, etc.

We do Social Media Activation services (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc) for our customers. Our Social Media Team we will make your social media account become more interesting by posting about products / services with an attractive design. By doing so, it will increase the number of fans, followers, liker's and interaction with the customer will be intertwined better, because usually customers, fans, and followers automatically will share to their friends.


Initial Meeting

An appointment made with clients to discuss about their services & products which they want to introduce. We gather all the information about the company, their websites, plans, purpose, goals, idea, and what they want to achieve from social media.

Research & Analyze

We analyzed and researched all the data based on target market, location, interest, bid, and their budget. After that, we got the result about how many people can be targeted.


Based on research and analyzed from client’s products, we look for which social media that is suitable with the client’s product and social media’s policy. We also use the conversion and tracking code to get the analytics result of the social campaign.


We start by registering client’s profile to the social media, filled all the information needed, and then create a post introducing about client’s company that they can be reached by social media in order to facilitate their fans and followers to always get the update about their products and services.


We do monthly report about the progress of the social campaign. We share the Data Analysis (likes, fans growth, fans interaction, favorite posting, fans demography, traffic, followers, favorite tweet, etc) to the client. Based on that, we suggest and plan what to do for their next campaign. 







Our Social Media Team always strive to give the best to the clients. After the first appointment with the client, we will work with the entire team of social media to discuss it further. Starting with collecting all informations we needed, find what strategy will be used, choose and use appropriate sentences in the writing of content and advertising, and design according to the products and services offered. We will do daily update with the scheduled post to make sure the post or ads is optimized, monitoring the post, make interaction with fans and followers, make a monthly report on how much interaction happened for a month, how many fans, followers, and liker's that we have gained, and also how many people who have shared the posts that we've created.

Interested with our services?

Please kindly see our works for further reference, if you see something catchy, why not discuss it further with us? See you on our mailbox :)

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