Our Team Essence
Our Team Essence
14 Jan 2021

Our Team Essence

First of all, here’s a bit about us: Nukegraphic is a web development company that focuses on company profile and e-commerce websites. Hailing from a graphic design background, we also value the aesthetics of design highly. We are a spry and energetic team that is far removed from the strict and oftentimes suffocating hierarchical structure of large corporations. This is signified in the closely knit relationships that we form and maintain amongst team members. When you join our team, you will not only gain new professional colleagues but you will also be welcomed into a new family.

Much like watering and tending to a tree together so that we could all benefit from the qualities that it gives when it’s matured. We have created a system that acts as a platform for effective collaborative working.

This is our core system that was put in place in order to avoid the downsides of an individualistic work culture. The “every man for himself” mentality might bring results in the short term but will only lead to the mutual exploitation of all parties involved. The implementation of a core system saves a lot of time and effort since employees do not have to start from scratch each time there is a new project. They can simply build up on what is already available in the framework, thanks to their own and also other people’s previous contributions to building up the capabilities of the system. It also means that efficiency is maximized since the team does not need to decipher each other’s personal styles in doing tasks and can always follow a set guideline. 

Another benefit of having such a platform is that work will not feel repetitive because team members can now focus on rising up to new challenges instead of having to solve the same problems over and over again for different projects. This is due to the core system always being updated with the latest features and fixes. Thus, there are a lot more chances for personal growth to avoid being caught up in stagnation. Working will also not feel pointless because any improvements made will be updated into the system to be implemented in upcoming projects.

A streamlined workflow is beneficial for both the company and the employees. Which is what we’re looking for here at Nukegraphic. We are looking for a mutual commitment in order to bring forth mutual growth. We do not just split tasks into equal parts and have team members do it, we work collaboratively in order to create a solution for every challenge. Our employees are people, not just some machines that we pay to work mindlessly.

Going back to the analogy of growing a tree together; when it has fully matured, everyone could benefit from the fruits, shade and oxygen it provides. Working together is better because each team member could gain the same benefit while doing less work than what they would’ve done had they raised a tree all on their own. By helping each other we’re also helping ourselves. This is the vision that we have by implementing a collaborative and standardized core system, a place where individuals could work seamlessly as a team and reap the fruits of their labor together. Let’s enjoy the cool shade of the tree we helped grow together.

We are always striving towards an equilibrium point to meet both the needs of the company and the needs of the employees.

Nurture is  also a big part of our team spirit and DNA. We care about our employees and would like to ensure that both their health and mental health is adequately taken care of. This includes creating a more flexible and friendly workspace. Personal growth for each individual is also paramount to a happy team environment, so rest assured that we have your best interests at heart. Instead of the "every man for himself" mentality, we much prefer the alternative of the "no man gets left behind" mentality; and ofcourse no woman will be left behind either.

We are looking for an applicant that shares these values and is looking to help each other grow together so that we can all reap the benefits of what we’ve sown together in the long run. If this sounds like you and you feel that we will be the proper fit for each other, don’t hesitate to apply by going to our careers page or by shooting us an email. Best of luck to you and we hope to see you soon.


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