NGC MARS 2017-2019 Change Log
NGC MARS 2017-2019 Change Log
23 Dec 2019

NGC MARS 2017-2019 Change Log

The year 2019 is almost end.
For past few years, we've been tinkering a lot to one of our product, NGC Mars. Core updates, many bugs fix, JS and CSS optimization has been made to ensure your website available and secure to everyone.

Important News

Some hard decision had to be made. NGC Mars corporate packages are now discontinued. No more updates for all NGC MARS Corporate templates (Corvus, Pegasus, Taurus, Cygnus, Crux). For corporate website inquiries, please refer to our new products NGC Earth or NGC Moon.

From now on, NGC Mars is focused on giving an ecommerce website experience using our Spica and Orion template as its base.

Thank your for trusting and using our products and we hope to serve you better in the future.


Future updates for NGC Mars only available for our clients and partners that still has on going maintenance contract with us.

Reading List

NGC MARS Change Log

NGC MARS 2021 Change Log

The year 2022 is here, and we had many updates to our NGC MARS product in 2021. We have new shipping courier AnterAja, set product as Preorder only, set maximum quantity to specific product, option to set shipping insurance as free, and many more!

01 Jan 2022
NGC MARS Change Log

NGC MARS 2020 Change Log

Happy New Year 2021 and wear your mask, people! Pandemic does not slow us down. We keep on being productive and update our NGC MARS productive. Bugs fixing, update PHP version, new shipping option Pick Up at Store, and many more!

01 Jan 2021

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