Our Homemade CMS
Our Homemade CMS
14 Dec 2020

Our Homemade CMS

Greetings friends and valued customers! We’re back with new updates for our content management system to ensure that it is always supplied with constant improvement.

For those not familiar with the product yet, let us introduce you to our very own CMS. The brainchild that we are proud to call NGC CMS. This innovative program is born from our early days of wanting to make sure that our customers have the best experience in handling their own website. Thus making the emphasis of our CMS to be power through simplicity. We wanted the perfect balance between a multifaceted software that is able to handle a lot of different things and a software that is easy to use for everyone, even individuals without any prior coding background. It’s intuitive design allows for a natural flow of work even for users that are new to the system.


“Why not use a pre-existing CMS?”, some may wonder. The answer is simpler than you might think. After bouncing around different open-source platforms that were available online, we were unable to find a CMS that can be tailored and custom-fitted according to our customers’ needs, especially in the Indonesian market. By creating our own CMS and thus curtailing the production process, we strive to be as close as possible to our customers to provide more control over the outcome of our projects together. We wanted to avoid being a middleman where we risk the possibility of tying our hands down with the limitations from outside factors. Factors that are set by which CMS we choose to use if we decide to go down the open-source path. Another benefit of choosing our CMS compared to others is that we also have a team of expert programmers that is ready to support you if you ever run into any difficulties while using our system. Gone are the days of browsing the internet for tutorials on how to use a software that you are unfamiliar with.


Our CMS is also updated on a regular basis with continued support, this means that you will get any future improvements made to the software for subscribers. Constant maintenance also means that security will not be an issue as you will always get the latest improvements in cybersecurity technology. This is especially true since older software is weaker to new forms of malicious attacks.


Some of the features in NGC CMS that we are most proud of includes:

  • Multi-person simultaneous editing.

  • MultiMedia (HTML, Images, Video, Script) support.

  • Mobile Devices Compatibility

  • Unlimited user access and privilege levels.

  • Maintenance mode and Whitelisted IP.

  • Activity logs to track history of changes made.

In this update, we focused on making a User Interface that is cleaner than ever before to improve the intuitiveness of the User Experience when navigation through our CMS.

One of the ways that we have managed to accomplish this is by partitioning the features available into further groups in order to minimize the amount of scrolling that is needed.

This intuitive content management flow includes the ability to separate content by language which was previously unavailable. This is especially useful for websites with multiple languages since it helps to sort through everything more efficiently when looking for content only in a particular language.

Another feature that we are proud to introduce is the embedded file size recommendation for uploading images. These file sizes have been tailored to suit the placement of those images on a webpage. Also, there’s no need to worry about incorrect file sizes as our image editor allows you to crop the image using a visual editor that will automatically fit the image to the container. 

Another feature that is connected to uploading pictures is the hidden feature of image size manipulation. When you upload a picture, the CMS will generate a few duplicates of the same image with different resolutions. The different file sizes are then used for different platforms such as mobile and tablets which does not require as big of an image as desktop users due to the limited screen real estate of the smaller devices.. This helps in optimizing your website to have the least amount of loading time possible, which is a crucial aspect in preventing your audience from clicking away in an age of limited attention spans.

have also added a new feature that separates additional pages made by the user into its own group in order for better visibility and ease of access. Additional pages are also now categorizable to belong to parent master pages.

Patching Up

This update also brought along with it a patch consisting of bug fixes and tweaks to fine-tune the performance of our CMS. The bug fixes were done on codes and functions that threw error upon execution such as the recent PHP native core update that caused some functions to be obsolete and gave rise to compatibility issues. We are always rewriting our codes while keeping an eye on the error log to prevent major issues that could happen when small, seemingly insignificant errors pile up. This includes back-end code that the customer might not even be aware of; We believe in not cutting any corners here at Nukegraphic to keep our standard of quality pristine.

Cheers, and we hope to see you at the next update!

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