Is it better to be a jack-of-all-trades, or a king of one?
Is it better to be a jack-of-all-trades, or a king of one?
20 Nov 2020

Is it better to be a jack-of-all-trades, or a king of one?

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing the hands of many businesses to react quickly and drastically to this sudden and wild shift in operating conditions. Only the most fortunate businesses are unaffected and get to operate as usual. For the rest, it is a limping scramble to the finish line while gasping for air. Some don't even make it this far, with a fraction of businesses having already suspended trading activities or shut down completely.

Businesses need to utilize anything in reach just to survive, and in these tough conditions, there’s not much room for experimentation. That’s where we come in, we provide services that help digitize your brand to have a stronger online presence, which importance is at an all-time high with many businesses already having switched to online means. We’ll be the life jacket that keeps you afloat in these rough waters.

During our early days, Nukegraphic started out serving all types of projects. We did a lot of custom projects, even if it is outside of our comfort zone. We had to start each project from scratch and customize based on the requirements that kept on differing each time. We kept on facing new challenges which kept us learning and growing. On the other hand, this made it difficult to keep a consistent quality of service when the requirements for each project varied so greatly.

Aside from unoptimized effectiveness throughout the production processes, having full customizability also meant that we had to undergo a lot of back-and-forth in order to meet client expectations. Oftentimes this leads to scope creeps which causes the time taken and resources required for the project to increase. The resulting projects were also unmaintainable. However, as programmers who have code running through their veins, we kept our spirit and passion alive. We were motivated to take our services to the next level in a different way, that includes: improving and maintaining the quality of service and reaching a state of happiness for our team as our company culture.

The Solution

Just as how one would not go to an Italian restaurant and order Japanese cuisine, we saw this example and took it as a principle of how we should go vertical instead of horizontal, be a specialist instead of a generalist.

That is why we decided that it was best to focus on our specialty, which was corporate profile websites and e-commerce websites. Starting  in 2018 we focused more on developing a core system that was put in place as a framework for building websites. We wanted to make a predictable ecosystem that can be maintained for future projects and be the company’s roadmap for the long-run.

We use the framework as the foundation of the project and place a stunning UI/UX design on top of it.  This led to a consistent quality of each project that we handled. This also led to an overall happier working environment which was a great way of boosting team morale in order to provide the best service and products for our customers. 

On the other hand, the shift in perspective doesn’t mean that customizability is now completely unavailable for our customers. It just makes managing expectations and reaching an understanding easier when we have a clear list of included features in the package. If there are any additional custom features that are still needed outside of the scope of the purchased package, we are more than happy to implement them into a project. Since then we offer our corporate website design and development service as NGC Earth and NGC Mars for e-commerce platforms for small to medium business as standardized products.

What this means to us.

Proper teamwork benefits everyone; Having more people row the same boat causes everyone to reach the destination quicker when compared to everyone individually rowing their own boats.

Similarly, the new company focus enables the whole team to reap the benefits of the whole team nurturing the same collective system instead of having each team member create their own personal system or framework. The implementation of such a collaborative core system also saves time in backfilling and retraining employees in case of turnover. Employees now also have the benefit of more easily covering for each other in the case of absences. That also solves the problem of unpredictability that we faced in every project in the past.

What this means for our customers and clients.

We can now complete projects at a much faster pace; the development of e-commerce websites used to take us around 3 to 5 months. Now we can deliver a fully functional e-commerce website 3 days after receiving the project thanks to our core framework. Meanwhile, our company profile websites that would usually take around 3 months to finish now only takes 1 month from inception to completion.

An increase in production efficiency also means that we can provide our solutions with a more competitive pricing strategy that was previously unavailable to us, making our products ever the more affordable for our valuable customers. You will now also experience the increased quality and consistency of our services so you can relax while knowing your projects are in the hands of the right company. 

The company is better off, the employees are better off, our customers get better products at a faster rate and a cheaper price point, in other words it’s a mutually beneficial solution for all parties involved.

Therefore, we can safely conclude that it is still acceptable to be a jack-of-all-trades as long as you are a master of some, instead of being a master of none.

Going back to the current pandemic situation; There are a lot of new emerging markets in the technology field as a result of everyone being forced to adapt and create new innovations. Don't get left behind! Stay ahead of the curve by picking up digitalization for your business. Also, please stay tuned for more exciting developments from us!

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