Christmas Games and Dinner 2014
Christmas Games and Dinner 2014
26 Dec 2014

Christmas Games and Dinner 2014

Tick tock tick tock.
We’re already at the end of the year of 2014. As usual, before Christmas and New Year holiday, we are having a Christmas Dinner and gift exchange. But this year, we are also adding some fun games for us to play.

Let the Games Begin

We are divided into three teams. Each team must make a puzzle games for one other team to solve. We have prepared this game for a month so it’s safe to say that it’s not going to be an easy puzzle game ^^. Each team is given 30 minutes to prepare their games. And the playing team is given 1 hour to play and solve the game. Both floors are used to play the game, and hints are scattered everywhere. The games are fun, challenging, and annoying as well hahaha. Only 1 team able to finish the game, while 2 others failed thanks to the time limit.

After the game, it’s time to do our annually event, gift exchange! What will we get this year?

Christmas Dinner 2014

We change our clothes and prep for Christmas Dinner at Asia Restaurant in Ritz Carlton, Jakarta. We dine together with our friends from Kamayi and CS Indonesia. It’s all you can eat buffet, so it’s time to fill our empty stomach.

Thank you 2014 for your blessing and adventurous year. Welcome year 2015, please be kind to us. See you again next year :)

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