Bandung Trip 2014 (2D1N)
Bandung Trip 2014 (2D1N)
17 Jul 2014

Bandung Trip 2014 (2D1N)

It's outing time!

Our destination was Bandung city again, just like our last year outing. But this time, we are outing together with our friends and partners from Kamayi Studio, Whale Yearbook, and Lomoto Studio. 3 Companies, 6 cars, 3 different start position, we went to Bandung together.

Day 1

We sat off at dawn and choose weekdays over weekend to avoid traffic jams, but unfortunately we still got stucked in heavy traffic jams because of some accidents here and there. Our first meeting point was at KM 19 Rest Area, and we arrived there first while others were still few kilometers behind us. We've rested for awhile but our friends still in the jam, so after a discussion we decided to not wait and continue the trip ahead. Thankfully, there was no traffic at Cipularang toll road and we really enjoy the ride. We arrived at Bandung city around 11 am after 5 hours of driving (usually we need about 3 hours of driving).

Since we arrived first, we've given a task to find a place to eat (and as our next meeting point). Lots of restaurants are still closed due to it was month of fasting. We chose Pondok Ikan Cianjur at Jalan Setiabudi for our lunch. After a moment, finally all of our friends arrived at the location and we had our lunch together.

Around 1 pm we sat off to our hotel first to check in and unload our luggages, while our friends from Kamayi, Whale, and Lomoto continue to our main event for this trip: outbound at Bandung Treetop.

Our hotel of choice is Stevie G (or Stevie 6). This hotel left us a good and nice impression last year so we decided to pick this hotel again this year. This hotel has various thematic rooms, beautiful view, and nice cool and breeze environment.

After resting for awhile, we followed our friends to Bandung Treetop, near Tangkuban Perahu. To our surprise, we were arrived first to the location. Our friends were missed the location and drove further. While waiting for them to turn back, it's photo time :D

Bandung Treetop has various tracks each with different difficulties and marked by different color: yellow (easiest, for kids), green, blue, orange, red, and black (hardest). At start, we were separated into 3 groups and each group assigned to clear 1 tracks: yellow group, blue group, and red group. After clearing 1 whole track that assigned to each group, we can try other tracks freely. It was so fun and exciting! At 5 pm we no longer can try a long track since they will close soon. After satisfied with all of those tracks, we return to hotel to clean ourself and rest for a moment.

At 8 pm we head to center of Bandung city to eat dinner. At first we want to eat at Warung C'mar, but unfortunately it closed. So we change our route to Paskal Food Market. There are various kind of foods, from Indonesian food, chinese food, to western food. We head back to hotel around 10 pm, and sleep while our friends from Kamayi, Whale, and Lomoto still playing cards until midnight. That's the end of day 1.

Day 2

We sleep earlier, so we can wake up earlier. It's nice that we had a chance to eat breakfast earlier too since our friends were still sleeping. All foods are belong to us!! :p

Thanks to our little princess, Cherylle, our breakfast time was full of joy. She's so adorable, cute, and she can do photobomb too!

We had to check out at 11 pm so we can't relax after breakfast. It's so sad that we had to leave the hotel so soon. And of course, it's photo time! We took some photos together to commemorate this outing.

After leaving hotel, our first stop was at Sam's Strawberry Corner to eat lunch. After that we go to Primarasa, Bandung famous local brownies and cakes, to buy some brownies, cakes, and other stuffs for our families. After that we decided to take a rest again at Brussel's Spring before we leave Bandung and start back to Jakarta at 6 pm. Just as expected, we got stucked in heavy traffic on the way back because it was Friday night. And we finally arrived back to our home at almost midnight.

We were all agreed that 2 days and 1 night for this kind of trip is not enough (and tiring too). So next time let's try at least 3 days and 2 night and perhaps another place like Bali? OK, boss? :p

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