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We are a passionate and fully dedicated team that grows to become the best in the industry. Attention to detail is our underlying mentality; we are pixel perfect and a functionally oriented team. Our passion and dedication from 2007 are growing exponentially as we embrace our future. The future of technology and design always excites us, and we only choose the future that leads us to happiness and a lot of joy.

In the past few years, we are focusing our energy on the development of our team culture. We believe a good team culture is the answer for every company who wants to grow and become a sustainable company, the company that our team members can rely on. We are glad that we were able to successfully transform our team into a unit that shares the same values. As a team, never forget to do a lot of fun things together, things that sparks joy in us, gives inspirations, ideas, and creativity. We do it as a family, family in our second home.

Now we are more than ready to become one of the best solution providers in web design and development for companies, organizations, and businesses.

That's who we are in brief. We are an agile team who will always back you up for you to achieve very successful projects.

Hans Hendrady, CEO and Founder

Hans Hendrady, CEO and Founder

We believe a continuation of smarter products and services every year can be a solution for every business, small and big, startup or established.

A story about us

Our story began in 2007, when we were very young with a great appreciation for arts and graphic design. We think that the graphics world was a fascinating world in which we can learn a lot of valuable skills.

In the course of our study in the graphic design industry, we found another medium besides paper. The medium that intrigued us was the screen, yes the screen of electronic devices. We noticed that if we can make information look attractive on a screen, we can then provide a solution for companies or businesses to display their most relevant information better. Fortunately, what made us more interested in pursuing this idea was that the data is accessible from anywhere on the Internet. We called it website design and development.

In the beginning of 2008, we continued to expand our knowledge in web the design and development field. We had attended various seminars and workshops, read many books, and did our own trial and error to find the right formula for an effective website and its design.

We pay attention to not only the design but also to the functionality of the website itself. This includes featurs such as helping our users amend, add and delete content in the most intuitive way that it can be.

Fast forward to 2019, now we have a standardized UI/UX Design System/Flow, a Robust Core Code, and a user-friendly Content Management System. We do also have a strong commitment to not using any open-source ones the likes of WordPress or other platforms that can be downloaded easily from the internet. The main reason for this decision is to give our users the ability to maintain their web content without high technical expertise. One of the things that makes us proud is; it's locally made here in Indonesia.

We believe a continuation of smarter products and services every year can be a solution for every business, small and big, startup, or established. By doing so, we are confident that we can help a company or organization who wants to broaden their reach, increase their efficiency, and also improve their effectiveness in regards to running daily business operations.

Let's discuss further for a solution that may help your business grow better. See you soon!

12+ Years of experience

200+ Websites developed

150+ Clients served

10+ Team members

Projects Completed So Far

Corporate Websites

  • Ayana Residence Bali
  • JES Green Indonesia
  • Trust Corporation
  • Sumber Aneka Karya Abadi
  • Aneka Tambang, Tbk
  • Logam Mulia
  • Mobey
  • Dana Cita
  • Campus Wish
  • Soltius
  • Metrodata Elektronik, Tbk
  • Synnex Metrodata
  • Mitra Integrasi Informatika
  • Metrodata Training
  • Marunda Center
  • MCT Port
  • Brunei Halal
  • Elkadaya
  • Andalan Fluids
  • atAmerica
  • PT Bersaudara Inti Corpora
  • BBC Glass
  • Biggy Cemerlang
  • Erajaya Swasembada ,Tbk
  • TAM
  • Bigland
  • Napoly
  • Eka Hospital
  • Bank Jasa Jakarta

Ecommerce Websites

  • Passion Jewelry
  • Logam Mulia
  • Artaboga - Orang Tua Grup
  • Fixcomart
  • Mamatina
  • Kibif
  • Leksika Book Store
  • Prima Plastik
  • Murigo Art
  • Piero Indonesia
  • Mizuno Indonesia
  • Branded Babys
  • Karsamudika

...and lots more!

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