Dec 26 2016

Christmas Games & Dinner 2016

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As what we have always been doing on every year end, we celebrated the Christmas with games, gifts, and foods again!

December 23rd was the exact date. We were doing office works only for half-day and then start the event around 2 PM. We started our event by receiving our personal gifts from our secret santas! Each of us were the secret santa of one another. Sweet enough, wasn’t it? The gifts were exactly what we have been expecting to get. What made it even more special was that this year, our big boss’ wish was free beverages for all of us! Thanks a lot big boss, you’re the best!

After being satisfied by the gifts, we moved on to another game. The game was called “Shoot a Present”. On this game, we have to shoot at one of the holes on the board, and each holes contains either punishment, gift, or both! We didn’t know which contains which, it’s already hard enough for us to aim the arrow to one of the holes. Most of us threw it randomly, and of course, most of us also got weird-punishments.

Some of us have to eat Samyang + Bon Cabe, drink Fanta + mineral water + salt, drink 3 glasses of mineral water at one shot, and etc.

One of the hilarious punishment was shouting “Om Telolet Om” on the street. Our co-workers, Prasetya and Santo, got this punishment, and they have to shout likewise while holding the “Om Telolet Om” text written on a board. They have to shout to every passing car – until they got a horn!

Another game was werewolves, where we have to look for the killing werewolves in our team. We argued a lot, as if we’re detectives.

We closed our event by having dinner at Hanamasa! Yes, we’ve eaten a lot. We spent more than 2 hours at the restaurant to satisfy our stomachs. Thank you for a lot of blessings in 2016 and we are wishing to spent a lot more fun in 2017! Cheers!

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